Lauren Started an SLP Assignment with Jackson and Met Her Husband #MatchMaker

IMG_6383-2.jpgEarlier this year, Cupid made an appearance in a small Arizona town near the borders of California and Nevada and forever changed the lives of two special people. At the Heart of Historic Route 66 sits Kingman, AZ, a dynamic western town that became the temporary home for Lauren, a Traveling Speech Language Pathologist on assignment with Jackson. Just a few months into her short-term contract at a local Skilled Nursing Facility, Lauren met Önder online. Within just a week of meeting each other, Lauren tells us they both knew this was “it.”

The happy couple got married just 6 months later.

So, we’re not saying that if you take a travel job with Jackson, you’ll meet your future spouse. But, you will. Maybe…

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Meet Erica: A Traveling Therapist with a Sense of Adventure and a Commitment to Occupational Therapy

Erica in Barcelona

A few weeks ago while in between assignments, Erica joined her best-friend and flew to Barcelona for a 10-day cruise through the Mediteranian before continuing on a solo journey through Indonesia and London for four more weeks. After such an incredible trip, we were thrilled when Erica shared some of her most memorable moments with us. But first, a little background on one of our favorite therapists..

Erica has been a nanny her entire adult life and had consistantly sought out positions that not only required her skill set, but allowed her the flexability to be on the road and to continue her education. Erica has always wanted to travel. In fact, she needs to travel. So, finding a career that not only allowed her to travel the country, but required it was right up her alley.

Erica completed her Master’s of Science Degree in Occupational Therapy and after a lot of hard work, graduated in 2016 ready to hit the road as a travel therapist.
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This Traveling Therapist tackled a 100-mile bike ride while on assignment in Alaska

heather and friend.jpgWhen therapists decide to become travelers, many of them do so purely for the adventure of it. One particular Jackson Therapist took her love for adventure one step further and challenged herself to complete a 100-mile bike trek across Alaska. Heather is a traveling Physical Therapist on assignment in Alaska who decided just exploring Alaska wasn’t enough, she wanted to do more (while helping others). Read on to learn more about Heather and her amazing feat.

Making time for training

Heather has been a traveling therapist for the past three years.  When she got placed in Alaska, she was ecstatic since it was one of her top destinations she wanted to explore.

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Case Study: How a Travel PTA helped a patient walk again


Zach, a physical therapist’s assistant currently on assignment in San Angelo, Texas, loves helping patients. When Zach first became a physical therapist’s assistant in 2009, he began his career as a Traveling PTA. It gave him the opportunity to pursue his passion, while also offering more employment options with benefits and giving him the ability to see different parts of the country. He joined Jackson Therapy in 2016 after partnering with Katie his recruiter, and began assisting patients in Texas in a nursing facility.

In this facility, Zach focused on geriatric patients, which presented some challenges – as their age made it more difficult for them to progress past an injury.  Their slow progress can depress morale and cause patients to lose motivation. When they don’t believe in themselves, they heal at a slower rate.

Building hope, one step at a time

When Zach was first paired with a military veteran and ex-sniper who was bound to a wheelchair, he immediately realized this patient felt completely defeated and didn’t believe he could walk again. Other physical therapists had given up on this veteran, but Zach was willing to try again.

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