Jackson is collecting your leftover Halloween candy for Operation Shoebox: Deadline 11/16

Do you have left over candy from Halloween and want to get rid of it? Keene’s Crossing Elementary Operation Shoebox.jpgSecond Grade will be collecting for a great organization called Operation Shoebox. For those of you who haven’t heard of this wonderful organization please visit their website and check out the great things they do for our troops overseas.

If you have any leftover Hallloween candy, including chocolate (soldiers say they will lick the melted chocolate if they have to), please drop it by Jackson’s office in Orlando by November 16th. 

They also need other times that soldiers have listed on the site: Read More

What athletes can learn from their physical therapists

What physical therapists learn from professional sports injuries

Injuries are lowered when individuals participate in physical therapy training.

Athletes use their bodies to achieve great feats of strength, speed and endurance. All of that wear and tear can take a toll on the skeletomuscular system, leading to sudden or chronic injuries. Athletes who work with physical therapists can learn a lot about how to heal their current injuries, how to prevent new ones and even how important mental health is to the recovery process.

Physical therapy can prevent injuries

Most often, physical therapists are tasked with helping people recover from injuries or surgery, but they can also play a role in injury prevention. Read More

Answers to your top questions about travel therapy

Travel therapy is one of the most exciting career paths for professionals in the allied health care industry. It combines personal goals such as seeing more of the country with professional goals like making a difference in the lives of patients. If you’re thinking about becoming a travel therapist or just want to learn more, keep reading:

What is travel therapy?

In simplest terms, travel therapy is a career option for therapy professionals that agree to take contract jobs in cities across the U.S. (and even internationally) for short and long-term periods of time. Read More

3 steps to becoming a physical therapy superstar

3 ways to become a better physical therapist

You can’t be a good physical therapist if you don’t take care of yourself

In many cases, becoming a better physical therapist isn’t just about becoming more familiar with the technical knowledge you use every day, it’s about becoming a better communicator and remaining interested in field advancements. When you’re a travel therapist, the role of communication and knowledge takes on an even more important role. From one health care facility to another, you’ll encounter new situations, cultures and personalities. Keep reading for some key tips on becoming a better physical therapist: Read More

Are wearable robots the future of physical therapy?

Technology in the health care sector is often much more advanced than that on the consumer market. In fact, it was as far back as 2002 that a team of surgeons in New York used a pair of robotic appendages and an internet connection to operate on a patient in Strasbourg, some 8,700 miles away, according to a study found in the National Library of Medicine. As the health care industry uses more and more advanced technology, wearable tech might just be the next step. This is especially likely in the realm of physical therapy.

Basic wearables

Many people already use basic forms of wearable technology every day. The most common piece of wearable tech is probably the activity tracker – a watch-like device that records steps taken, calories burned and sometimes even sleeping patterns. Read More