Black History Month: How a Physical Therapist’s work helped WWII soldiers and changed forensic science

In honor of Black History Month, we’re celebrating the significant contributions Bessie Blount Griffin made to the fields of physical therapy, nursing and forensic science.

Driven to succeed

Born in 1914, Blount was born in Virginia, receiving only a sixth-grade education. Undeterred, she self-taught on a range of subjects, completing a GED and earning an acceptance into college for nursing, according to The Star-Ledger. After finishing her studies, Read More

A physical therapist’s guide to Portland, OR

There's so much to see in Oregon.

There’s so much to see in Oregon.

Being a travel physical therapist gives you the chance to spend 13-26 weeks in a city of your choosing. That gives you enough time to seek out the hidden gems to make the time fly by. Portland, Oregon – more affectionately referred to as PDX – is a bustling city that offers a long list of attractions for tourists and locals alike.

For theater lovers

Take advantage of PDX’s thriving theater scene: The city hosts the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, which showcases modern retellings of your favorite plays. For more modern plays, step over to Portland Center Stage at the Armory. Take part in discussions with members of the theater community after the show as well. Read More

Improve spatial awareness in kids with games

Soccer is one the best games to improve spatial awareness.

Soccer is one the best games to improve spatial awareness.

If you can properly parallel park or merge with traffic as you drive downtown, you can thank your strong spatial awareness skills for that. The ability to visualize math problems and see buildings in your mind’s eye can all be attributed to spatial awareness. It’s an ability we learn as children that we can strengthen with different exercises. While kids don’t have to worry about driving just yet, developing a strong spatial awareness is critical to their growth. Recent research has suggested that this ability is integral for doing well in math and science. According to ILS Learning Corner, there are social benefits as well. Kids with spatial awareness are able to better interact with others than those who don’t, as they’re able to determine the proper distance to stand from other kids.

Games are a perfect way to get them involved without making them feel like it’s work. Read More

Physical therapists: Making strength training fun for kids

Physical therapists: Kids games for strength training

Physical therapists: Kids games for strength training

Getting therapy patients to stay on track with their strength training regimen can be a challenge. Even adults sometimes forget to do their exercises at home or simply get too busy with other tasks. Children, on the other hand, may become downhearted, bored or upset when they have to adjust to a new training schedule. Whatever the reason for their participation in physical therapy, children often need a little extra coaxing to fully participate. That’s where games can make a huge difference. By making training fun, kids will be more interested and engaged with their new routine. Here are a few amusing games to try out with your younger patients: Read More

3 inspirational stories that might change your mind about pet therapy

One way that therapists are treating their patients is with the help of therapy dogs.

One way that therapists are treating their patients is with the help of therapy dogs.

Therapy can come in many forms, from monitored exercises to crafts that develop fine motor skills. When treating patients who have undergone a traumatic experience, getting to the root of an emotional problem can be difficult. One way that therapists are treating their patients is with the help of therapy dogs – specially trained furry friends that provide emotional support in the most fascinating and inspirational ways.

According to the American Kennel Club, therapy dogs can reduce anxiety, lower blood pressure and heart rate and even increase levels of endorphins. They visit hospitals, nursing homes, schools and other care facilities, spreading comfort and joy to those who need it most. Read More