5 Benefits of Being a School-Based Therapist

Every day, thousands of therapists across the country help children succeed in school.Every day, thousands of therapists across the country help children succeed in school. For many individuals, working as a school-based therapist can be the ideal career, thanks to the nature and importance of the job. Based on therapist feedback from across the U.S., here are our top-five benefits of being a school-based therapist:

1. Make a life-long difference in children’s lives

Most obviously, education equips children with the knowledge and skills necessary to reach their personal, professional and life goals. Because of school-based therapists, students are better able to engage in the material presented to them in important subjects like English and math while learning the vital skills that will help them throughout the rest of their lives in topics like writing, reading, interpersonal communication and time management.

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Occupational therapist’s guide to Philly

Run up the steps like Rocky.

Run up the steps like Rocky.

If you’re spending Valentine’s Day in the city of Brotherly Love, there are plenty of opportunities to learn more about the area. Check out the list below for top sites in Philadelphia:

Go back in time

History buffs flock to this city to learn more about icons like The Liberty Bell and The Declaration of Independence. But if you want to walk through history, stop in to the Eastern State Penitentiary. See where Al Capone was housed and step through a real cell meant to elicit regret for a crime.

Shop local

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The occupational therapist’s guide to natural remedies for aches and pains

Don't lose motivation because of muscle soreness.

Don’t lose motivation because of muscle soreness.

While occupational therapists can help their patients ease their pain and improve their quality of life, experiencing soreness is common after a session with an occupational therapist or after completing exercises at home. While your patients may be tempted to reach for a bottle of ibuprofen, they may find more relief with a natural remedy. Here’s some natural remedies that they can administer at home after their exercises that can help ease soreness and pain.

Epsom salts can ease soreness

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Improve spatial awareness in kids with games

Soccer is one the best games to improve spatial awareness.

Soccer is one the best games to improve spatial awareness.

If you can properly parallel park or merge with traffic as you drive downtown, you can thank your strong spatial awareness skills for that. The ability to visualize math problems and see buildings in your mind’s eye can all be attributed to spatial awareness. It’s an ability we learn as children that we can strengthen with different exercises. While kids don’t have to worry about driving just yet, developing a strong spatial awareness is critical to their growth. Recent research has suggested that this ability is integral for doing well in math and science. According to ILS Learning Corner, there are social benefits as well. Kids with spatial awareness are able to better interact with others than those who don’t, as they’re able to determine the proper distance to stand from other kids.

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3 occupational therapy crafts for fine motor skills

These crafts are effective tools as part of a therapy regimen.

These crafts are effective tools as part of a therapy regimen.

Developing fine motor skills is important for growing children as well as adults who have experienced trauma such as a motor vehicle accident or internal injury. Whether patients are learning these skills for the first time or relearning them later in life, there are several ways to make the process easier and more enjoyable. These crafts are interesting, stimulating and, above all, effective tools as part of a therapy regimen. Check them out below:

1. Miniature sandbox letters

This craft helps with pre-writing skills and can help to strengthen control over the muscle of the hand and wrist. It was recommended by 4K teacher Abby Linwood, writing for the University of Wisconsin. Read More