Travel therapists: The true gypsies of health care

Travel therapists: The true gypsies of health care

By getting out and facing new trials, you’ll become a better therapist.

While some might think of a career in health care as a job that requires stability of location, there are actually many opportunities for travel and adventure. In fact, travel therapists are like the gypsies of the health care world.

If you’re interested in becoming a travel therapist, here are few things to know.

You get to see the whole country

Travel therapists can choose from thousands of opportunities around the country. Spend six weeks in a¬†fast-paced metropolitan area on the east coast, then head south and spend a month in a beach community in Florida. Like a wandering nomad, you’ll be able to find an area that works with your personality and disposition. This is a great choice for health care professionals who aren’t sure where they want to settle down. Exploring your options after a year in a single location will help you decide if you want to settle down.

You control your destiny

Traveling from one spot to the other like a nomadic gypsy means you get to control your own destiny. If you’re not interest in getting involved in workplace politics, a three-to-10-month contract is just what you need. When you’re always on the move, you won’t get bogged down in the day-to-day of single location. There’s always something new and challenging to sharpen your skills.

Meet interesting people

One of the most enjoyable parts of the nomad lifestyle is getting to see all kinds different people and communities. There’s never a dull day when you’re getting to know new people and making connections that could last a lifetime. In your off time, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to explore the local culture, try some new cuisine and make new friends.

Get outside your comfort zone

When you travel constantly, you’re always challenging yourself to experience new things and increase your skill set. Like a traveling caravan that needs to create innovative ways to make a living, you’ll be improvising and learning on your feet. Too much comfort can make you complacent¬†– by getting out and facing new trials, you’ll become a better therapist.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to hit the road and live life like a gypsy! Travel therapy may just be the excitement you need in your life.