Resources for Physical Therapists

Resources for Physical Therapists – Kristin B., PT

As a physical therapist I try to stay connected and up to date on current physical therapy theories and treatment techniques. I am a relatively new grad, so my knowledge base is pretty current, but there are new studies and new ideas every day, so it is important even for new graduates, like myself, to be aware of recent research. Though receive physical therapy periodicals, I don’t always have time to read every article from my magazines. Additionally, I try to attend continuing education courses, but these can be expensive and take away from days at work, so my ability to attend can be limited. As everything becomes more “digital,” I find myself looking for resources on the internet that will assist me with keeping up to date and providing me with inspiration.

Here are a few favorite resources that I frequently use, both as a quick reference while I’m at work and also as good reading material after work:

American Physical Therapy Association ( This website focuses on information for physical therapists. I often use this site when I’m looking for insights into legal matters and practice standards for physical therapy, for example, licensure, practice acts, coding/billing and any current legislation that may affect physical therapists or related healthcare workers. This website also has references to upcoming events for physical therapists throughout the country. Finally, the APTA is known for state and national advocacy and offers resources for people who want to get involved in political action.

Cyber PT ( This is one that I use most. It is a comprehensive website that is geared towards servicing physical therapists. You could spend hours looking at the vast informational resources about recent PT developments or quickly look at a specific treatment reference while working with a patient in your clinic. It also includes links for therapists to find PT jobs, research and locate continuing education courses, PT discussion boards and links to physical therapy products. It also has references for patients to find exercise programs, learn about their conditions, find a physical therapist or even a service to consult a PT digitally. The thing that I like most about this website is that it has so much informational content and very few advertisements.