Celebrate PT Month

Celebrate PT Month – Ryan G., PT

October is National Physical Therapy Month, and taking that in mind, this week I write to thank and congratulate my colleagues on a job well done so far.  Mary McMillan, the “Mother” of American Physical Therapy got us started in 1921, and the profession has not looked back since.  The profession has advanced such that 96% of the accredited PT programs in the country offer the DPT, or Doctor of Physical Therapy, in an effort to possess a direct role in shaping the outcome of this country’s healthcare.  Many PT’s spend much time in Washington pushing for direct access to act as Primary Care Physicians of all Musculoskeletal Dysfunctions. Achieving victories in some form and fashion in most of the 50 states, Physical Therapists are providing optimum, accurate, and cost effective care for patients with all sorts of impairments.  Also, the other facets of PT have made great strides as well. 

As active participants in researching outcomes of new neurological treatments, great strides have been made to improve the quality of life for patients post stroke, suffering from Parkinson’s disease, or recovering from a traumatic brain injury.  One popular example is the Body Weight Supported Treadmill training that helps the patients with the previously listed conditions, and many others restore gait and increase functional independence, an idea many patients never would have dreamed to have.

With the ever growing angst over the nation’s economy and the changes to healthcare reimbursement, Home Health PT helps to save Medicare and other insurances enormous sums of money by keeping patients out of the hospitals.  We PT’s go into a home, assess a patient’s safety in their home, and implement a plan of care that insures efficient and effective care to a wide variety of patient populations.

We have the fortunate and rewarding profession to form a unique bond with our patients.  What we do cannot be duplicated by any other profession, and we offer an integral role in the workings of healthcare and society so pat yourself on the back PT’s and remember to keep on making a difference.