5 Benefits of Being a School-Based Therapist

Every day, thousands of therapists across the country help children succeed in school.Every day, thousands of therapists across the country help children succeed in school. For many individuals, working as a school-based therapist can be the ideal career, thanks to the nature and importance of the job. Based on therapist feedback from across the U.S., here are our top-five benefits of being a school-based therapist:

1. Make a life-long difference in children’s lives

Most obviously, education equips children with the knowledge and skills necessary to reach their personal, professional and life goals. Because of school-based therapists, students are better able to engage in the material presented to them in important subjects like English and math while learning the vital skills that will help them throughout the rest of their lives in topics like writing, reading, interpersonal communication and time management.

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Meet Erica: A Traveling Therapist with a Sense of Adventure and a Commitment to Occupational Therapy

Erica in Barcelona

A few weeks ago while in between assignments, Erica joined her best-friend and flew to Barcelona for a 10-day cruise through the Mediteranian before continuing on a solo journey through Indonesia and London for four more weeks. After such an incredible trip, we were thrilled when Erica shared some of her most memorable moments with us. But first, a little background on one of our favorite therapists..

Erica has been a nanny her entire adult life and had consistantly sought out positions that not only required her skill set, but allowed her the flexability to be on the road and to continue her education. Erica has always wanted to travel. In fact, she needs to travel. So, finding a career that not only allowed her to travel the country, but required it was right up her alley.

Erica completed her Master’s of Science Degree in Occupational Therapy and after a lot of hard work, graduated in 2016 ready to hit the road as a travel therapist.
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We’re Packing Our Sweaters for a Fall Weekend in Georgia at GOTA’s Annual Conference in Macon

GOTA.jpgI don’t know about you, but our team is really looking forward to next weekend at the 2017 Conference and Business Meeting for the Georgia Occupational Therapy Association. Not only do we get to meet Georgia Occupational Therapists face-to-face, but we get to travel north of the Florida border where leaves change to a color other than brown. Celebrating their 100th year anniversary, GOTA’s conference is being held next weekend at the Medical Center of Central Georgia from October 6th to the 7th. As the primary advocacy organization for occupational therapy in Georgia, GOTA serves as a resource and educator for Georgians, policy makers and practitioners related to the practice of occupational therapy across the State of Georgia.

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September Employee Spotlight: Amanda Leloudis

amanda2.jpgEvery month we enjoy highlighting a standout team member at Jackson. This month we’d like you to meet Amanda, one of our Senior Account Managers who’s been part of our team for 8 “wonderful” years. Amanda’s infectious enthusiasm affects everyone she works with whether she’s helping her rehab clients fill vacant positions or she’s organizing our team for the annual IOA Corporate 5k. Amanda just doesn’t stop. As an active member of our Activities Committee, Amanda donates endless hours every year to our internal company celebrations and to Jackson’s external charitable events. So, read on to learn a little more about Amanda and the things that drive her everyday.

What is your proudest accomplishment at Jackson or in your career?

My proudest moments are 100% being a part of the charitable efforts that Jackson Healthcare supports. All of the financial success in the world doesn’t compare to helping those in need. I’m so proud to be a part of a company that cares so deeply about making a difference.

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